mood mist ZEST
mood mist ZEST

mood mist ZEST

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Uplifting, inspiring, invigorating.

When your mood calls for a little refresh! A fresh and lively blend of essential oils to awaken the senses, inspire and revitalize. Enjoy the powerful botanical ingredients that fill any room with a naturally invigorating, spa-like scent.

Each scent is designed and blended by hand ensuring a unique mix of pure essential oils.

Made with Lemongrass, Balsam fir, Eucalyptus, Spruce, Siberian fir, Bergamot and Patchouli essential oils, witch hazel, distilled water.

Size: 50ml.

Handmade in Nuuksio Finland.

Shake gently before each use. Mist around you & your space. Keep away from direct sunlight. Avoid contact with eyes and keep out of reach of children and pets.

Enjoy a quick burst of aromatherapy throughout the day to enhance your wellbeing.